Charles Barkley is one of TV’s most entertaining figures. Everything he says is off the cuff, and you’re always ready to drop your jaw when Chuck opens his mouth. This is what he said on Family Feud after this questions: 

If a man’s zipper breaks at church, what might he use to cover it up? Charles Barkley’s answer STUNS his team!   

The answer was so shocking that sportscaster Ernie Johnson Jr. switched teams and joined the MLB to get away from Barkley. Still, everyone on both sides found the strange answer comical.

“The man gonna get us locked up,” chuckled Shaquille O’Neal. “Not a good answer. Put your hands behind your back. You’re under arrest.”

Barkley, attempting to defend his answer, said, “I meant a baby!”

The teammates, while laughing, agreed Barkley’s next guess was even worse.

“Then he tried to fix it!” said Harvey, still stunned by Barkley’s answer. “He said, ‘I meant a baby.’ Oh God, this is on YouTube. You know what’s crazy? It’s probably gonna be up there, though. Somebody’s child!”

Despite the inappropriate answer, it was Barkley who had the last laugh. When the answer “person” was revealed, Barkley was still awarded points.

The Family Feud celebrity edition is worth a watch, or at the very least, a few clips off YouTube.