Charles Barkley will always be young at heart, but in reality, he’s 55 years old. Still super entertaining, and has the energy of a spoiled brat. 

The Athletic’s spoke with Barkley and found out that the Hall of Famer wants to keep up what he’s doing for the next five years:

Deitsch: How many more years do you want to work as a broadcaster?

Barkley: I’m trying to make it to 60 because I still want to be young enough where I can enjoy my life and have fun. That is no disrespect to old people, but I don’t think you are going to be having a lot of fun at 70 or 75. From 60 to 70, I just want to enjoy life.

Deitsch: You have previously told me when we spoke that you were considering quitting broadcasting but you have stuck around. What changed?

Barkley: Well, number one, money (laughs). I have a great contract. But I am looking at 60 as the end.

I want Charles to go as long as possible. If he retired it would be turrible, and who would pronounce all those funny words like Charles? No one can, he’s one of a kind. Charles will probably spend his retirement playing golf. Hopefully he can find the time to work on that swing.