NBA legend Charles Barkley, who is happy to say anything that comes to his mind, was more than happy to share his thoughts during the matchup between golf stars Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. 

The comment came when Woods and Mickelson were on the ninth hole, reported. Barkley also joked he could beat the two golf legends.  

Barkley’s comments prompted a response from MLB pitcher Justin Verlander who challenged the former NBA star.

“Barkley saying it’s not good golf,” Verlander tweeted. “I wanna see Tiger and Phil throw down a challenge bet at him. 100K for double bogey or better on #1. C’mon Charles, I know you got your sticks with you.”

 Barkley called out the Houston Astros ace on air saying he would take on that bet.  

 “Justin, I’ll take that bet. $100,000 to charity, I’m going to make double bogey. Let’s go for charity, brother,” Barkley said.  

Verlander tweeted later that he was in as well.

“I’m in!!! Let’s gooooooo,” he tweeted before making fun of Barkley’s swing in a number of following tweets.

 Mickelson ended up defeating Woods after 22 holes and called the win “very special.”  

Adding Chuck to The Match was a nice touch.