NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley never hold back.  

His most recent thoughts are likely to spawn controversy amongst two of the most prolific players that he covers, as he’s recently taken aim at two of the most emotionally-charged players in the NBA.

During the joint media event held by CBS and Turner Sports for the upcoming NCAA Tournament, Barkley was asked what he would say to Kevin Durant if he sought his advice about potentially signing with the Knicks, to which Barkley said he would reply by telling KD:

“Kyrie’s a very good player. Kevin’s a great, great player,” Barkley elaborated while explaining his position, “But I’m not sure they have the mental makeup to play in New York. There’s a lot that comes with playing in New York. And those guys are complaining about media asking questions and things like that. Maybe New York isn’t for them. New York is a different animal. There are certain places everybody can’t play.”

Charles is a hot take machine. 

But that’s just how he is. 

He’s not speaking crap because he wants attention. He’s doing so because that’s just how he was born. 

Everybody needs a Chuck in their lives. 

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