“First of all, you guys have been killing Colin Kaepernick for the last X amount of years,” Barkley says. “Now, all the sudden you want to control what happens in a foreign country?”

“I find it hilarious to listen to all these idiots, fools and jackasses on radio and television talking about ‘these players should do that’ … these are the same people who have been hating on Colin Kaepernick for the last three years.”

“They have billions of dollars at stake,” Barkley continued. “It’s a business decision. I understand the NBA. The players and the owners both got billions of dollars at stake. The NBA makes billions of dollars in China and that goes to the owners and the players. So, it’s a business decision, and I totally understand it.”

NBA got itself in trouble only because it spoke out as an advocate for American political issues, but when faced with issues that will cost it money all the sudden its quiet.

Charles is just telling the truth,  he makes money off the NBA machine too. . . 

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