Shots fired. 

There is no love lost between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. As longtime divisional rivals this is no surprise. Their most recent meeting took place on Monday night in Mexico City and resulted in a dominant 49ers victory, which meant there would be lots of trash talk coming afterwards from the winning side.

Defensive back Charvarius Ward generously obliged and openly mocked DeAndre Hopkins several times during a postgame interview on KNBR 680, capping things off by calling the star wideout “steroid boy.”

“D Hop, he think he a tough guy. He think he still one of the best receivers in the league and he really not,” Ward said. “He was trying to talk noise and talk hard all game. We not scared of him. He thought we was scared of him. He tried to intimidate us, but forget him, we did our thing. We went out there and got a dub and we did our job. He was just yip-yapping all game, but we don’t care about that. We just wanted to win.”

“He was getting locked up. He was doing some dirty things,” Ward said. “He tried to clip me, he grabbed me by the throat. He grabbed my facemask on one play, so I don’t respect his game. That’s steroid boy.”

You’d think we’d hear steroid boy thrown around more often. But Ward is the first one to use it and hopefully opposing players pick it up as a regular vehicle for talking trash to guys who have gotten hit with PED suspensions like Hopkins.

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