Over the past few years, the iGaming market – as the online gambling industry is called – has made a sharp qualitative leap. The successful development of technological solutions has led to the fact that gambling offline, which are good old betting kiosks, are being replaced by online casino. And they also allow you to place bets, including in cryptocurrency. However, gambling and betting can be not only entertainment and a way to relieve stress, but also the possibility of psychological addictions.

How can you identify if you have a gambling problem?

There are several principles to help you understand that you are developing a gambling addiction. In order to understand this, answer yourself the questions below:


  • Do you constantly think about gambling and how to make money in it?
  • Raising the bet to get as much thrill as possible?
  • Have you been trying to cut down on the amount of time you spend gambling without success?
  • When you lose, do you experience bouts of rage and irritability?
  • Trying to recoup a loss but end up losing even more money?
  • Telling lies to family members to cover up your gambling addiction?
  • Are your work and studies at risk?
  • Are you risking your entire bankroll at once?
  • Do you resort to theft and fraud to get as much money as possible and use it in online casinos for slots?
  • Are you asking others for money because you lost yours?


If you answered โ€œYesโ€ to most of the questions, then you have experienced gambling addiction.


Responsible gambling can be seen in a variety of ways. On the part of online casino available in Latvia operators, for example, this is the providing of gambling services in a responsible manner, which principally entails the engagement of operators with regulatory bodies. On the other hand, this is a deliberate and responsible activity on the part of the online casino in Latvija users themselves.


How to protect players from addiction

In Europe, a study was conducted on the behavior of players: 75-80% play, in particular, on credit funds. Therefore, it would be quite logical if banking institutions were involved in informing about the responsible attitude to the game too.


However, collaboration can be expanded: in certain countries, bank regulation of safe gambling – financial surveillance of players – has already been adopted in practice. In addition, since bets are made only through bank payments, the bank may prohibit the replenishment of accounts of illegal gaming companies. And banks that did not meet these conditions were closed. This practice turned out to be effective in solving the problem of withdrawing the gambling business from the shadows.


What is the future of betting and online gambling in the next five years?

Esports will aim for football in terms of the volume of bets accepted. Machine learning will be used to optimize and uniquely the product. Now the market has not yet understood how worthily this potential can be used. And the main advice for development now and in the future is to always be honest with the players because the player appreciates it.


We will observe an increase in the volume of rates, the emergence of new solutions and the development of new directions. Current trends contribute to this, by the way, you can add virtual reality technologies here, especially in live casinos. Government regulation promotes growth. Players, as well as operators, feel safe when working in a legal zone such as online casino777.

Responsible gaming is designed to allow the player to control the amount of time spent in bets, as well as the money spent on online bets. The player has an easy and always available overview of payment transactions and account balance information. Also, within the framework of responsible gambling, bookmakers restrict access to sites for minors. Responsible betting includes a number of restrictions and limits to avoid as many gambling and betting addictions as possible.