Reese Turner is not a name you will see in the NBA anytime soon but the high school basketballer from Cushing, Texas, is nothing if not inspirational,

At 4 feet tall he’s still killing it on the court. The 17-year-old high school junior has been draining threes for the Cushing side and has quickly become a social media sensation thanks to a highlights package of him balling so hard.

By his own admission on an Instagram Q&A, Turner is not the star of the team but his game-high is eight points and he does start on occasion for Cushing, which given his height is a remarkable achievement.

“He stays after almost every practice, shoots, makes sure he gets everything down,” said Jeremy Tamez, Turner’s coach. “I think it’s pretty amazing to see somebody put that much dedication into something getting seen by everybody out there.”

With the views continuing to climb, Turner has a message for those who think they can’t chase their dreams.

“Look at me,” he said. “I mean I’m not tall enough, fast enough, strong enough but yet I still go out there and I still give it 100% at whatever I do. Live up to your dreams and don’t let anybody else destroy your dreams.”


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