LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend Ashley Alvano has been gaining a lot of attention recently. Ball and Alvano have been dating for only a few months and Alvano has collected thousands of followers since their relationship was made public on Ball’s 16th birthday in August 2017. 

So who is Ashley Alvano?  Ball is only a few months younger than his girlfriend. Alvano was born on December 21, 2000, which makes her 17 years old. 

The Ball in the Family star was born on August 22, 2001. There is not much personal information on Alvano other than that she has been gaining a lot of followers on her Instagram. She currently has over 89.1K followers on her Instagram.

Rising American basketball player LaMelo Ball introduced his girlfriend, Ashley Alvano to the public on his family show, Ball in the Family back in August. Since then, Ashley’s Instagram followers have skyrocketed. However, both of them not sharing any loved-up photos have sparked their break up rumors. Know the truth.   

LaMelo should make it to the NBA if he stays healthy, and his father doesn’t get in the way. That being said, let’s assume this won’t last. How many teenagers actually stay with each other for the long haul. Good luck Lamelo. Just wait til he meets those Lakers girls.