Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky is a big Cleveland Cavaliers fan, we won’t hold it against him, he’s from Ohio. 

“I have to watch the game with as least amount of people as possible,” Trubisky told NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano and Stacey Dales on Wednesday Bears’ minicamp. “By myself or with my roommate or in the dark just locked up.”

Trubisky admits he was calling timeout for Smith while watching the action unfold. But he also revealed the Bears used the Cavaliers’ blunder as a teaching moment for situational awareness.

“We actually watched that the next day as a team and tried to learn from the situation,” Trubisky said. “I was having a hard time watching it twice again, but it just goes to show you everyone gets caught up in the moment even if it’s the biggest of lights. But you always have to know the situation, so take advantage of it.”

You see, JR Smith’s Finals mistake will help all athletes prepare better for end of the game situations. Thanks J.R. you made sports better by being a moron.