From reviewing the Chicago Bliss’ winning percentage over past couple of seasons, you would have little to no indication that there was a rebuild happening. However, the original base of core athletes outside of defensive end Chantal Taylor, have been phased out by younger and what many LFL analysts would say more athletic talent. The new regime of veterans such as Alli Alberts, Dominique Collins and newcomers like Kristin Morrison, Javell Thompson, Tamika Robinson, Marisa Gallday & co. are writing the Bliss’ next chapter.

STRENGTH: Athleticism. Skills Position. Coaching.

WEAKNESS: Inconsistent Quarterback Play. Offensive Line. Young / Undeveloped Talent at Key Positions.


HEAD COACH | DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR, KEITH HAC Entering his 7th year as head coach of the Chicago Bliss and the most winningest coach in LFL history, Hac has set up his organization to win in 2018 and beyond. Surrounded by the deepest and most experienced set of assistant coaches, Chicago has become the ideal place for athletes to learn the game.

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR, MATT PIKE It appears 2017 ‘Assistant Coach of the Year’ is taking over the play-calling duties over former OC, Jim Bruner. Pike a former standout Quarterback, has really developed Bliss Quarterbacks and has a strong relationship with Jayne Caldwell. Pike’s number one task will be, finding a replacement to the legend, ChrisDell Harris to take the pressure of an inconsistent QB in Caldwell.



JAYNE CALDWELL – Caldwell appears leaner than 2017 and now entering her fourth year of play as a Quarterback in the LFL. Another year to master the Bliss offense, the absence of Offensive Coordinator Jim Bruner could hinder Caldwell’s development in the offense. Although Quarterback’s coach Matt Pike, the 2017 ‘Assistant Coach of the Year’ will be taking over the OC role and already has a relationship with Caldwell. 



JAVELL THOMPSON – While the loss of ChrisDell ‘Ferrari’ Harris will hurt this offense, Thompson was already being groomed to be Harris’ replacement. What Thompson lacks in the size, she more than makes up for in explosiveness and instinct. Thompson also presents a very good receiving option out of the backfield.


TAMIKA ROBINSON – Replacing AJ Johnson from the line-up at receiver and you can make a very strong argument that Robinson is a vast improvement over Johnson. An experienced football player, speed, and explosiveness. Look for Robinson to also be featured in the run game. 

CHABRIA SURVELLION – Surveillon is entering her third season in this offense and is maturing into a great offensive weapon for the Bliss offense. Surveillon does lack the speed to go vertical, but a solid slot receiving option. Tamar Fennell could be the better option at the No.2 receiver position.


MAE YATES – Yates has an ideal physical frame for the position and has matured as a solid run-blocker. Needs to develop her passing receiving abilities, as this offense uses the Tight End position in its passing schemes. 

QUINCY HEWITT – Better physical shape, lacks the year-round commitment to get her game to the next level. Hewitt has all the physical tools to become dominant at the position, needs fundamentals work. 

BRITTANY WILSON – Physical conditioning and a lack of experience are the major setbacks for Wilson. With the number of athletes on this roster, surprising no one has replaced Wilson in the rotation.



CHANTAL TAYLOR, DE – Has the physical tools, but lacks the motivation and work ethic to become a premier defensive end. Her aggressive style of play has led to All-Fantasy Team type performances. Taylor is the last of the original Bliss regime and will be tested in 2018 for playing time. 

MARIISA GALLADAY, DE – One of the potential future stars in the game, Galladay’s star-rising will come down to her commitment and development in 2018. Great size and wing-span, needs to work on explosion and overall aggression.


KRISTIN MORRISON, MLB – Arguably the best overall athlete in the LFL. Morrison now entering her third-season, is primed to become the LFL’s most dominant defender. A pure tackler that can also rush off the edge. SECONDARY, B: 

DOMINIQUE COLLINS, CB – Great experience, one of the best-tackling corners in the LFL, lacks coverage skills. Could become a solid top 2 corner in the game, if Collins places greater emphasis on coverage skills. 

TAMAR FENNELL, CB – Best overall corner in league history, a ball-hawk and a surprisingly good tackling corner. Seems to mature each season and perhaps one of the most underrated defensive players in LFL history.

THERESA PETRUZIELLO, SS – A steady Safety who always delivers game-time, her game going to the next level will come when she learns better coverage skills. Great tackler, perfect size. Needs to become more of a leader in the locker room.

ALLISON ALBERTS, FS – The backfield tandem of Alberts and Petruziello could be the best Safety-pairing in the LFL. Alberts now entering her fourth-season, can cover and tackle. Has the potential to become a premiere Safety.

Courtesy: Legends Football League