NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes is a man of many talents. 

The Kansas City Chiefs, however, don’t want him utilizing his skills on the hardwood.

After video surfaced this week of the quarterback schooling defenders in a pickup game of basketball, the Chiefs highers ups, are saying no way Patrick. 

Speaking to Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City, GM Brett Veach said the team contacted Mahomes’ agent after seeing the video of the player crossing over and spinning past defenders.

“Yes I did see the tweet of Pat Mahomes playing basketball,” Veach said. “We did address it and as soon as I saw, it probably took me two seconds to call his agent and tell him that was a big ‘no no.’ So I think the (Chiefs) Kingdom can rest assured that we have that under control. No more basketball for Pat.”

Added Veach: “We were able to nip that in the bud and we feel good about the plan of no basketball with Pat moving forward.”

Mahomes is the Chiefs star, and if he continues on his current trajectory, there’s no doubt he’ll get Andy Reid that Championship he desperately wants. 

At least we got to see a glimpse of the magic that is Hoops Mahomes. 

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