Former Detroit Tigers pitching coach, Chris Bosio, who was fired for insensitive comments, told his side of the story on Thursday.  According to Bosio, he was overheard by an employee calling a white pitcher a Spider Monkey.

Via USA Today:

“I’m crushed,’’ said Bosio, who plans to hire an attorney and determine whether a wrongful termination lawsuit will be filed. “I’m absolutely crushed. I still can’t believe it’s gotten to this point.

“I’m in shock.’’

Bosio revealed to USA TODAY Sports that he was fired for using the word “monkey” in a conversation that was overheard by – but not involving – an African-American clubhouse attendant.

Bosio insists he was not using the word in a racial and disparaging context, nor that it was directed toward the clubhouse attendant. He says he referring to injured pitcher Daniel Stumpf, a white pitcher from Humble, Texas.

“Someone in our coaches’ room asked me (Monday afternoon) about Stumpf,’’ Bosio said. “And I said, “Oh, you mean, “Spider Monkey.’’ That’s his nickname. He’s a skinny little white kid who makes all of these funny faces when he works out.

Bosio said that the clubhouse attendant thought they were talking about him and two days later he was fired.  

It’s hard to believe the Tigers would fire him for calling a white player a Spider Monkey.  If they did then this story is far from over.  I think we need to hear the clubhouse attendant’s version.