Chris Paul doesnโ€™t appear to have many options at the moment, as the Rockets ousted guard is probably not going to even play a game as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. A trade to the Heat is now reportedly in the works. Thing change quickly and get very exciting in the NBA, just like these daily casino offers

CP3100% thought he’d be in Houston next season. 

That is until the trade went down.

CP3 appeared to be pretty happy about the possibility of Russell Westbrook coming to Houston. What he didn’t know was that Russell coming to town was the end of him playing for the Rockets. 

Leading up to the trade, the 34 year old overpaid guard was liking pics pointing to Westbrook on the Rockets. 

CP3 liked a post saying, “Westbrook and Harden back together again gonna be so good”

Paul is owed $124 million for playing basketball over the next three seasons, which all but surely eliminates the possibility of a buyout. 

So even though he’s probably very upset he got shipped out of town, and most likely was blindsided by the trade, at least he’s making a crapload of money wherever he ends up playing.  Perhaps he can spend some of that money playing poker now that just launched the latest poker tips.

He’ll live…

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