Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson revealed that he is going to be on the cover of Wheaties cereal boxes.

Wilson used the post to talk about his obsession with Wheaties as a child, and how he always wanted to be on the cover someday.

“You’d always make sure the front of the box was facing you so that you could look at MJ hitting “the Shot” while you ate your breakfast. I see these kids now and they got the spoon in one hand and they’re playing games on an iPhone with the other hand.”

“But back in the day, we’d just sit there and look at a picture of MJ for 10 minutes, like … Man, some day. Some day that’s gonna be me.”

Wilson posted a video of himself “Leveling Up” while holding his new Wheaties box.

Now his wife Ciara has gotten her hands on a box, and she’s definitely helping getting the brand’s slogan out there. 

Watch below: 

This is a pretty cool moment. When your kids are eating from the Wheaties box you’re on, now that’s special. Remember kids, Eat your Wheaties!