The last year has been tremendously trying for many people. Stuck in the house and lack of international travel have taken the options for exploring new places and cultures away. However, there has been an explosion of interest in simply hitting the road in an RV. 

Those who are taking to the tarmac often wonder about how to ensure that their chosen mode of transport is as hygienic as their own homes – it is after all home on wheels.

One of the most pressing issues is how to keep dust and dirt at bay while on the road – and the right equipment to ensure that the annoyance of that dust and dirt does not become overwhelming.

So an RV vacuum cleaner can be one of the best investments that you will ever make. But what do you need to know before making that essential investment?

Firstly there is the issue of portability. An upright vacuum might be great for home use – but it is going to create more problems than it solves in an RV. First, there is storage. An upright vacuum cleaner simply takes up space and is probably overpowered for an RV. There are better choices.

The first of those is the simple handheld or stick vacuums. They are great for those little jobs – and they can reach into spaces that other vacuums can’t.

One of the Best RV vacuums is the BLACK and DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum. It’s cordless – and can be wall-mounted. It’s not the most powerful vacuum cleaner out there, but it is perfect for use in an RV. Another great choice is the Bissell 2306A Vacuum Cleaner.

If you really need that extra bit of power then the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light might meet your requirements. 

It’s a great all in one solution to almost any cleaning challenge that you might meet on the road. It’s also a handheld option, but the 15-foot power cord feeds a 3.4 amp deep cleaning power unit that also has a variety of attachments. It’s also great for deep cleaning and dealing with pet hair. If you are traveling with a furry friend this could be among the best choices that you could opt for.

Traveling in an RV means that you are probably going to encounter cleaning issues that involve spills. What you are then going to need is a vacuum that is happy enough to be used for both wet and dry problems. That is going to cost that little bit extra – and take up some room. However, if you have around $80 – and have space for a piece of equipment that resembles R2D2 – then the Vacmaster, VQ607SFD might be exactly what you’re looking for. It boasts a 6 Gallon 3 Peak HP Design – and the Stainless Steel construction makes it incredibly tough. It also comes with a number of accessories stored onboard that will make short work of any wet or dry issue.

If you really want the best all-purpose vacuum cleaner then the ‘Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System’ might be what you are looking for. This is a powerhouse – but comes with a price tag that may give most RV owners time to step back and think. At about $250 it is not the cheapest option. However it comes with an enormous number of accessories – and if you have carpets in your RV you’ll appreciate the power. It is one of the best vacuums on the market for RV use however, be aware that storage space is a challenge.

When all is said and done we all appreciate those home comforts – even when on the road. The above options will ensure that each RV owner will not only enjoy the open road – but also enjoy a safe, dirt-free and hygienic journey.