Less than 24 hours after the trade that shocked the NFL world, it looks like Odell Beckham Jr. is still dealing with some issues stemming from his time playing for the New York Giants. 

The lawsuit accused OBJ, Drake and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima of playing a role in the alleged assault at a nightclub called Delilah on March 24, 2018  

This comes via the Blast.com

Odell Beckham Jr. is demanding to be dismissed from the lawsuit over a Hollywood nightclub assault, saying he never touched the man.According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Beckham is denying any wrongdoing in the lawsuit filed by a man named Bennett Mcbride Sipes.

Beckham’s lawyer writes the complaint is “devoid of any specific charging allegation that Mr. Beckham actually hit Mr. Sipes, or otherwise participated in the physical altercation in any manner.”

The lawyer points out that the person accused of actual assault is Bendjima and says the security footage backs up that Beckham played no role and was merely standing in the back of a crowd.

His lawyer states, “At best, it appears that you named Mr. Beckham because you assumed it would be easier to depose him if he was a defendant, at worst, he was named because he is one of the most famous athletes in the country, and your client believed that by naming him, he could garner media coverage or and/or a quick settlement.”

In his lawsuit, Sipes claims he was at the club to see his girlfriend, Sommer Ray, who was in the VIP section of the club, talking to Drake, OBJ and Bendjima.

Sipes claims that when he approached his girlfriend, an argument ensued between him and the three men. He says that when he went to leave the VIP area, he “witnessed Defendant Drake signaling to his private security a hand gesture of ‘throat slash,’ after he pointed at Plaintiff. Plaintiff understood this to be some type of physical threat towards himself.”

As he was attempting to enter the restroom, Sipes claims Bendjima and members of Drake and Beckham’s entourage and private security proceeded to “push, shove, kick and repeatedly punch Plaintiff in the face and body.”

Hopefully the Browns will get a far more reserved OBJ than the Giants had. 

There’s not a whole lot to do in Cleveland, but you know OBJ likes to travel and hit up the coasts. 

My guess is that’s not going to change. 

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