Los Angeles Clippers sixth man extraordinaire, Lou Williams, is famous for having two girlfriends, as much as he is for his NBA achievements. 

Then he went back to having only one girlfriend. 

Williams was in an exclusive relationship with twin Rece Mitchell. Her twin sister Daria is dating Amir Johnson. 

Lou recently got a special birthday shout out from Rece. 

Now fast forward to only a few weeks after his birthday, and we’re hearing things are over between the Clippers star and Rece. 

Lou and Rece have been taking shots at each other on IG. 

Lou recently commented on an old pic from earlier in the year. The comment is referring to the business he helped Rece start. 

Check it out below: 

Our sources tell us Rece was the one who left him, and we can’t 100% confirm, but we’ve heard whispers she’s been messing with Drake. 

When you date two girls, and the one girl allows it, and is completely cool with it, you really can’t expect her to stay monogamous. 

After one season with the Clippers, the franchise signed Williams to a three-year, $24 million extension in February. The reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year, his second, continues to thrive in his role as instant scorer off the bench.

He’ll bounce back, and is right at home in Los Angeles. 

Check out more pics of Lou’s now Ex Rece below: 

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