A Soccer coach in Zanzibar has reportedly been slapped with a six-month ban for wild victory celebrations which included stripping down to his pants and thrusting his crotch at fans of a club which previously fired him.

Mani Gamera led his Miembeni team to a 1-0 win against former club Jang’ombe in the Zanzibar Premier League, sparking raucous celebrations that the ecstatic Gamera then appeared to take a little bit too far.

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The coach was seen running over to opposition fans at the final whistle, pounding his chest violently before thrusting his groin at supporters to show his disdain.

Gamera then went even further, pulling down his trousers to show his white underwear as concerned stewards rushed over to quell the situation.

But Gamera continued his goading, shoving a steward out of his way while gesturing to fans.

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