After finishing college and completing his run as Division 1 college linebacker, Cody Allen did not hesitate to launch his company Digital Cartel Media, seeing that there is so much potential in affiliate marketing and digital branding. While he did not fully anticipate the amount of success that his company will achieve in a given period of time, he is grateful just the same as it opened an avenue for him to reach out to many brands and companies in dire need of guidance when it comes to digital marketing. 

Cody Allen’s success did not happen overnight. It is the result of his hard work, patience, and creativity in coming up with strategies to help companies develop a strong online presence and successful marketing campaigns online. Allen realized that there are still quite a lot of businesses nowadays that are not as competitive as they ought to be because they lack the insights and guidance that will empower them to mount an effective online campaign to grow their brand. By developing his company, he is able to help not just the masses but also big finance organizations and companies who specialize in health and fitness.    

“The end result of success isn’t always pretty. The road to success is filled with trials and tribulations. But nothing beats a relentless effort and always using emotional intelligence to be a problem solver. I want people to use me as a tool in order to find success in their lives and companies. I am here to help people find their version of success by growing their brand, increasing their bottom line, and creating something they can be proud of,” Cody Allen explains. 

As a former athlete, Allen mastered the discipline and demands of his sport. He worked tremendously to meet these demands and made a lot of sacrifices in order to deliver what was expected of him as a linebacker. While the journey was not easy, he is grateful for it as it developed in him several attributes that would shape him as an entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast. He sees things from a unique perspective, he understands the value of working hard, he knows how to prioritize things, and he is strategic when it comes to finding solutions to problems. 

“The difference is pretty simple. I am, and have always been, solution-oriented. When there is a problem, I never dwell on the issue but more of the resolution. I do this in all business strategies, mentoring, and coaching. Couple that with a relentless effort and the ability to strip situations down to their bare bones so I can manufacture creative results is a strength of mine and my companies. Knowledge is power and I have built strength through my resiliency in life. I’ve failed forward and used those experiences to grow my business,” Allen shares. 

Cody Allen is also actively uniting fitness enthusiasts through a community that he developed. Additionally, promoting the importance of mental health among young men is something that he advocates passionately. One of the most important things he is determined to continue to do in the coming years, it is to contribute to the success stories of businesses as he continues to provide them with exceptional marketing and digital strategies that will take their business to the next level. 

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