Colin Cowherd said Johnny Manziel’s recent comments about Jimmy Garoppolo’s porn star date ended his NFL career.  

Manziel went on his podcast and approved of Jimmy G’s date.  He said it would make Garoppolo play better on Sundays.

“What’s wrong with it?,” Johnny says. “Dude, let the guy live his life! So what, what she does for a living?”

“If anything, that’s going to make him play better on a Sunday or a Monday.”

Johnny even sends a personal message to J.G. about the date … saying, “Jimmy G, live your life! Do whatever you want.”

“He’s backing it up on the field, he hasn’t lost a game. Nothing. Guy’s doing everything… and he’s enjoying life. So be it.

These are comments worthy of ending a career?  Cowherd wasn’t the only one who thought the comments hurt Manziel’s potential NFL comeback.

If Manziel lights up the CFL, he will get another shot in the NFL.  A comment about what Jimmy G does with his personal life won’t stop that.