Controversial former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still making headlines over his anthem protest, which was a very long time ago. But still, why not try to capitalize off it. 

 TMZ is reporting that the former San Francisco 49ers QB had filed a trademark for his “I’m With Kap” slogan to use on that merchandise.

Kap’s been using the mantra since the beginning of his schism with the NFL … with the hashtag taking off on social media, and celebrities like G-Eazy, Kenny Stills and Harry Belafonte rocking shirts bearing the slogan.Now we’ve learned Kap has filed paperwork in California to own he slogan for use on shirts, hoodies, caps and other apparel.It’s an interesting move … there’s some talk that major clothing brands, like Adidas and Puma, could make a move to sign Kap in the future, so owning the trademark could mean big business for him.It’s not like he’s desperate for the cash — Kaepernick reportedly made more than $40 mil in contract money during his NFL career. Plus, he had a bunch of sponsorship deals. 

As soon as the NFL figures out how to deal with the National Anthem Protest, and completely move on from it, Kaepernick should stay relevant. I still think he should be playing, but he also seems to enjoy his position as a martyr.