As NFL free agency officially begins and teams grab every available quarterback off the market, one notable free-agent quarterback keeps going largely unrecognized as “available.”  

The man, the myth, the legend. Colin “I Won’t Stand for the Anthem” Kaepernick, he’s ready and willing, and judging by today’s footage, he ain’t messing around.  

 So guess which former NFL player went through a 90-minute throwing workout on a private Houston area practice field this morning?  

Yahoo! Sports reported last month that Kaepernick’s attorneys had requested depositions from several owners, team and league executives and even commissioner Roger Goodell’s wife, Jane. With discovery still going on, no timetable is set for when the arbitrator can hear the case. 

I’d be surprised if an NFL team actually rolled the dice on Colin, not too much upside, a lot of unwanted attention. I still believe he’s better than at leaset 50% of the Quarterbacks in the league. Let’s see where this practice leads.