It looks like the NFL would write Colin any sized check, as long as he settled. 


Well it looks like there was some serious dirt Kaep’s lawyers had on the NFL. 

Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle suggested that the NFL may have been concerned about “very embarrassing” evidence that had been discovered by the other side.

“Early on in the lawsuit, I was hearing from sources that if the case ever went to trial, there were pieces of evidence that would be ‘very embarrassing’ to the league,” Ostler wrote.

This was backed up by NFL insider, Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report.

“I had also heard [about the evidence] (pre-settlement),” Freeman wrote. “The Kaepernick side had obtained massively embarrassing information to the league during discovery process.”

“If the league thought it could beat the collusion lawsuit, it seems highly unlikely it would have settled. The league would have loved to go to court and win this one, especially in light of recent negative stories,” Ostler wrote, 

“Another major incentive for the league to win the suit, rather than settle: A majority of the league’s players — and virtually all of the protesters — are black. The NFL, had it won the suit, could have proved that it did not blackball Kaepernick for the crime of crusading for social and racial justice.”

It seems Kaepernick had something so embarrassing on the NFL, that they had no choice but to settle. 

That’s the kind of money you throw at someone when you want something to disappear. 

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