Eastern Washington University freshman long snapper James David Durr, 18, of Vancouver, Washington, is scheduled for an arraignment in Spokane County Superior Court March 18.

According to court records acquired by The Easterner, Durr has been charged with four counts of identity theft, one count of making a false statement and one count of other theft.

An Officer of the EWU Police Department responded to a report on Feb. 25 from EWU student Solae Swenson, a resident in snyamncut, court records said. Swenson reported her wallet had been stolen from her dorm room.

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Upon arriving at the scene, EWU Police found Swenson with Durr and freshman defensive back Jordan White. Durr and White told police they had seen a female enter Swenson’s room and flee the scene. Swenson reported several items had been stolen, including a wallet, debit card, $200, a Montana driver’s license and two gift cards. Swenson had frozen her bank account and was notified that someone had used her debit card to make multiple transactions through PayPal and CashApp but was denied.

The next day, Feb. 26, EWU police detective Robert Schmitter contacted Aiken and informed her that three EWU students wanted to make a statement saying they knew who was responsible for the items stolen from Swenson’s room.

The students were all members of the EWU soccer team. All three told police that Durr and White committed the theft of Swenson’s wallet.

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