The American Civil Liberties Union in Illinois has filed the suit in the U.S. District Court for Central District of Illinois on behalf of Jaylan Butler.

Butler is Eastern Illinois University’s first and only black swimmer.

On February 24th of last year, Butler and his teammates had been returning back to their Charleston campus on a school charter bus.

Officers apprehended Butler believing he was a gunman who had shot at a truck and who was holding the team on the bus hostage.

Butler noted that one officer had his knee in his back while another was pressing on his neck.

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The lawsuit states that an officer reportedly told him: ‘If you keep moving, I’m going to blow your f*****g head off.’

Butler claims that the officers who not give him their information when he asked for it.

East Moline Police Officer Travis Staes, Hampton Police Officer Ethan Bush, Rock Island County Sheriff’s deputies Jack Asquini and Jason Pena are named as defendants

The Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office has released a statement saying the allegations against their deputies are ‘without merit’

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