Tell just about anyone that our children would be studying esports in the 21st century, and nobody would have believed you back in the early 2000s. However, the momentum competitive video gaming has gathered has been quite impressive and yes, today college esports is a thing.

In fact, you can even bet on esports games, much like you can on traditional sports. Websites such as let you place a wager on popular video games such as Dota 2, which is quite fun. But, what has made esports a part of the collegiate system? We take a closer look.

1. Esports Are Worth Over a Billion

Jupiter Research and Newzoo are unanimous on the matter – esports viewership and profits are heading up. Amid this buzz for competitive video gaming, there has been a genuine push to see more specialists join in on the esports bandwagon and many have.

Yet, to train specialists, you need colleges and this is where varsity programs come in. Not only is esports part of the curriculum these days, it’s very possibly here to stay. Esports organizations are constantly reaching out to universities that train esports professionals to find more talented individuals that can join their ranks after graduation. 

2. Many Ways to Realize Your Talents

The biggest issue with esports in education is if you would have something to do after you graduate. This is a valid concern, but the simple fact is that you don’t have to worry too much about finding your place in the esports ecosystem. As long as you are hard-working and truly aspiring to be a part of the community, you would have a truly worthwhile experience. 

You can be a player or you can be a coach, but similarly, you can be in charge of hosting and organizing events or even step in as the chief executive of an established esports team out there that will certainly reveal quite a few perspectives.

3. There Is a Valid Point for Teaching Esports

Esports is not just about video games. It’s a valid learning opportunity that connects and brings people closer together and allows you to truly hone a skillset that has real marketable value. If you are a student of esports, you may be aspiring to be a player, but then again, you may be picking some hard skills that would allow you to shape yourself as a true white collar leader.

If you don’t care for titles, then you may find the esports ecosystem to be the right field for you. While qualifications certainly matter, there are countless opportunities to prove yourself time and again and really show what you are capable of. You don’t need to do lengthy internships either, and most people who are involved with esports are already content creators, writers, players, or even managers, community organizers, and more. Esports just invites you to aspire to achieve greater things and that is great through and through.