The MLS Cup is the annual championship game of the Major League Soccer Cup Playoffs and a huge event for the soccer community as a whole. This year, the positions for the Cup have been hard fought by every team selected with not a single win going underserved. The Colorado Rapids have had a fantastic season and have pushed with their all toward that elusive cup match. But how well did they do? Read on to find out.

The Colorado Rapids Overview

As anyone involved in the Colorado online sports betting scene would know, you have to know the team before you place a preference on them. So how have the Rapids been doing so far? Well, the Colorado Rapids have actually won the MLS Cup before back in 2010 with 2-1 in the final, so the team definitely have what it takes to claim the victory for themselves. They played with strength through the MLS Is Back Tournament, claiming a 5-0 win against Real Salt Lake for their first ever win at Rio Tinto Stadium. The Rapids grew from fifth in the Western Conference to top of the pile, proving themselves as a fantastic team and a definite contender for the MLS Cup. But what happened to them during the playoffs?

Colorado Rapids Vs Portland Timbers

Sadly, the Rapids suffered a harsh loss against the Portland Timbers, with the Timbers stealing away the Rapids’ chance to make the Western Conference Finals. The game was certainly hard-fought, with the Colorado Rapids showing the better side of the play for the first half, but no goal was scored to bring them the win. The second half brought no better news, as the Rapids just couldn’t get anything into the net. With time running short and extra time looking likely, Larrys Mabiala from the Timbers scrambled the ball into the back of the net, claiming the win for the Portland Timbers and stopping the Rapids from playing the final they all thought they deserved. 

Their captain, Jack Price, said that the result of the match was a cruel turn. He acknowledged that results often misrepresent scorelines and that his team deserved to go through.The team believes the match was some of the best they had played that season. Price’s frustration was made worse when midfielder Mark-Anthony Kaye was seemingly fouled, but a penalty wasn’t given. “[Kaye] says there was contact so I feel we should have had a penalty.” says Price after the match. 

There is plenty still for the Rapids to reflect upon with pride, both from the match itself and from the season overall, coming top of the pile shouldn’t be taken lightly, and the atmosphere that the Colorado Rapids created on Thanksgiving was an absolute spectacle. Despite going home without the win they may have wanted, the Rapids fans still celebrated in the best way by watching their team play their best. 

What’s Next For The Rapids?

“We will come back stronger.” insisted Price. “We will, we have to.” The team, despite their loss, definitely seems to be holding their spirits high. We can expect to see another fantastic season from the team, potentially proving themselves once again top of the Western Conference. Whatever happens, we can be sure that the team will be working hard to get another chance at the cup, with the whole team pushing each other to finally pull through and prove that they deserve to be recognised as the best Western team. Whatever happens, they will certainly reflect their strengths in this year’s season.