Josh McDaniels turned the football world upside down on Tuesday night when he decided to return to the Patriots after accepting the Colts head coaching job.

According to various reports, Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick talked McDaniels out of leaving New England at last minute.  

The Patriots also reworked his contract to give him more money.  There are also rumors that McDaniels will take over for Belichick when he finally hangs it up.

As expected the Colts were not happy about McDaniels decision to screw them over and they addressed it on Wednesday.  GM Chris Ballard spoke with the media and declared that the rivalry with the Patriots is back on.

“The rivalry is back on”

This is only a rivalry in the minds of the Colts. The Patriots look at them as their younger mouthy brother. They need a few more wins on their side for it to be a true rivalry.