Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera admitted his comments about offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s coaching style weren’t as clear as he intended.

Rivera, who said Tuesday that Bieniemy’s intense style left some players “concerned,” met with his new offensive coordinator to clear the air.

“I basically told him I put my foot in my mouth,” Rivera said, according to Kevin Patra of NFL.com. “I think what I said wasn’t as clear as it needed to be. I think the understanding of it is just the fact that I think everybody’s making, in my opinion, a little bit more than needs to be made of this. Because again, the results are what you’re looking for on the field, and so far, the last couple days have been outstanding.”

He added: “I think Eric has done a great job of communicating his message now that guys have opened up, talked with him; he’s opened up to them.”

Rivera also said he encouraged players to speak to Bieniemy, which he believes has already started to pay off with on-field results.

“Since those conversations took place with Eric and the players, I’ve seen the improvements, and I can honestly say the last couple of practices probably have been the best of training camp, which I think is great,” he added. “To me, that displays the team is beginning to embrace the message and approach to how he does things and how we want things done.”

Bieniemy also defended his coaching methods Tuesday, stating: “I’m going to be their biggest and harshest critic, but also understand, I’m going to be their No. 1 fan because I support them at all times.”

The former Kansas City Chiefs coordinator joined the Commanders this offseason.

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