There are many reasons why people decide to gamble online. Some try for a quick thrill and want a night out with friends, but many choose to lose the coins they earned from hard work or saved from their paycheck.

For this reason, numerous attempts in recent years have been made to provide Bitcoin gambling games. Many have tried and failed, while some have thrived. Here are some differences between bitcoin casinos to traditional online casinos.

1. Security

Security is a major concern in the bitcoin world. Several bitcoin casinos have undergone hard scrutiny from governmental bodies. Some have come out of the process and gone back to business, although a few remain offline. Unfortunately, not all bitcoin casinos have been able to show that they can keep their user’s funds safe.

Of course, nothing is certain about this, and it is possible for all gambling sites to go awry, but we believe these sites are still worth using just in case they haven’t caused problems yet. Also, many of these bitcoin casinos are waiting to be re-opened if they have issues.

On the other hand, some traditional online casinos should be more secure, and the government has shut some down. Of course, nothing is sure about this, but it is a risk many players should consider before playing at one of these sites.

2. Customer Service

Bitcoin casinos are currently known for needing a better customer service rate. They have become infamous for having slow customer service and unresponsive site managers. In many of these sites, the only options available to players are the email box or a general customer support website. While this isn’t too terrible, the problem is that if there is a problem with your account, you won’t be able to talk to anyone about it.

Many traditional online casino websites have also had customer service problems, but they can often be reached by phone or live chat. This means you can get help sooner if needed and may even get better treatment than you’d find at some of these bitcoin casinos.

3. Value for Money

The gameplay for most bitcoin casinos is the same. Many online casinos do not offer value for money in their games and are more or less the same as others. The variance in games is fairly low between them, but this is also a positive as it offers players more security, knowing that they can rely on one site or another and have an equal chance at winning.

On the other hand, some traditional online casinos may offer better value for money regarding the variety of games they offer, but to some extent, it doesn’t matter. This is because of the cost of actually playing at these sites.

When it comes to bitcoin casinos, some offer cheaper rates, and others that charge more. The only way to know is to get a free trial account and check out their offers, as you would for a traditional online casino.

4. Availability

This is a big issue when it comes to bitcoin casinos. Several sites have been closed down, and thus their games cannot be played. Players want to use the site they want and not have to switch every time one of their favorites goes offline.

Traditional online casinos may offer more value for money, but there are not as many readily available as those bitcoin gambling sites. This is because the competition is much bigger. Because of this, players may find that some traditional online casinos are available in more areas than a bitcoin site, or vice versa.

5. Bonuses and Promotions

Most bitcoin casinos no longer offer any bonuses or promotions. In the past, they used to provide them to players to attract new ones, but now with the number of sites that offer games growing smaller and smaller, it may be hard to find one that gives away free money.

Traditional online casinos love giving out bonuses because they know that as soon as you get a hand full of bonus money, you are more likely to start gambling and thus play through your bonus. It is a very effective business strategy and one used by most traditional online casinos.

6. Games

Bitcoin casinos generally offer the same games as traditional online casinos. Slot machines, table games, and scratch cards are the most common bitcoin games and are also available in traditional online casinos. There are exceptions to this, like some traditional online casinos offering more variety in their table game selection than a bitcoin casino, but that is rare.

In addition, some traditional online casinos offer more variety in their slot machine selection than a bitcoin casino, but this is also rare. This is because players want to play the same games no matter what site they choose.

7. Experience

Bitcoin casinos have been around for at least a decade and so have the gambling giants in the traditional online sector. These two factors allow us to conclude how much experience each group has in the field and how reliable they are.

This can go either way, as both bitcoin and traditional online casinos may not follow regulations, but it does make a difference when playing at one place or another.

8. Payment Methods

Bitcoin casinos are generally not set up to accept traditional online payment methods like Visa or MasterCard. While sometimes they do, this is because there are other options, such as bitcoin and BitPay, which players can use instead. In addition, it can be difficult to find a casino site that will accept US players as they don’t allow US deposits and similar methods.

While all traditional online casinos are set up to accept Visa, MasterCard, and many other payment methods, this is a more recent development than the bitcoin sector. It has been so since mid-2014, but it may still take time for most to update their backend systems to accept alternative payment methods.

Bitcoin casinos have a lot to offer to players, and there are also several things that you should consider before playing at one. The popularity of bitcoin as an online currency has grown a lot in the past year, but not all players want to own their coins. Most players want the same games they know and love at most casinos, so there isn’t much difference between how bitcoin sites operate and traditional ones.