Bonus chasing is somewhat similar to traditional hunting, which is still prevalent. Nevertheless, players risk getting an unprofitable bonus and falling into the trap of cunning providers.

Ultimately, every user strives to get the maximum benefit from online casinos. Therefore, it should not be surprising that some punters deliberately choose bonus offers, which are nothing more than cheating.

On the other hand, game operators are in no hurry to abandon this practice. However, an increasing number of new users have already learned to distinguish a profitable bonus reward from a gambling bubble.

If you want to learn how to properly analyze bonus offers to get the maximum benefit from registration, then you have come to the right place.

Chance of losing funds in the long run

One of the most common tricks used by internet platforms is a super-lucrative bonus offer for first-time customers. This can be no deposit bonuses or the opportunity to get a large number of free spins.

Make no mistake that casinos anticipate the costs of attracting new customers. Moreover, your further bets on the gaming operator’s website can quickly help to recover such losses. Even if you only lose the minimum deposit, the provider will remain in the black.

To avoid this trick:

  • Don’t try to place all your bets on the same day.
  • Take a more thoughtful approach to this process.
  • Before spending real money, use the bonus rewards better to understand the features of the games or casino service.

Avoid dodgy online casinos

Fraud in the online gambling segment is a widespread thing. Sleazy operators can offer tempting rewards to entice punters with false promises to sign up and fund their accounts.

Be careful, as disclosing your financial data, you can lose significantly more than the minimum deposit required to receive a reward. Therefore, carefully study the experience of other users before creating a new account.

Even if the operator displays the authorities’ logo that issued the license, it still does not mean anything. All online casinos, without exception, have a specific license number. It is easy enough to check it. It won’t hurt you to take this step in order not to become a victim of scammers.

If you find yourself dealing with a company that plays with loaded dice:

  1. Contact the regulatory authorities in your country immediately.
  2. Report the fact of fraud and warn your friends.

Withdrawal issues

One of the most common online gambling scams is the problem of withdrawing funds after receiving winnings. Perhaps the conditions of the promo seemed quite reasonable. However, the real play starts when you try to remove the bonus cash after meeting the wagering requirements.

In some cases, casinos restrict users to withdraw funds after the bonus conditions are met. Therefore, carefully study the detailed requirements of the promotion before making a deposit.

Too good to be true

Keep in mind that online casinos are just a type of business. Do you think that at least one operator seeks to provide customers with maximum benefit and witness losses?

If you remember this simple truth, you can better read the room. Online casinos offer breathtaking bonuses so that you forget about the possible risks and do not think that you can lose money at any time. If you are offered a too good reward offer, then belt off straight away. There is no doubt that this is yet another scam. Its main goal is to seduce you with virtual rewards in exchange for real money.

Mission impossible

At first glance, almost all welcome gifts offer eye-popping prizes. Perhaps it is, but you need to be extremely careful. Do not give in to your senses to grab a bonus or take part in another promotion for newbies.

Check the terms of the promotion and make sure you can clear the welcome reward. If you can place successful bets 60 times the amount of the bonus and the deposit, then it’s up to you. Even old hands players do not always take on this task. Online casinos expect that you will not wager the bonus in full, and you will start spending real money.

What do others think about this?

One of the easiest ways to avoid scams in the pursuit of a super-rewarding bonus is to study the experience of customers who have already received it. Visit one or several popular forums or check the top-reliable offers available on

It is enough to quiz how profitable the bonus is and find out about successful attempts to wager it in full. Perhaps you will learn about a few secrets about how to clear the bonus ASAP. However, skip the use of any dubious schemes to succeed in this matter.