With the growth of the mobile phone market and smartphones including iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, there has been a corresponding surge of mobile apps available much to the delight of the millions of golfers out there that are passionate about the game.

The iPhone leads the golf mobile app market by far with thousands of golf apps available followed by golf apps for Android and golf apps for Blackberry.

There are many types of golf apps available that support a wide range of needs for the golfing enthusiast. However, it can be quite hard to select the right golf mobile app as it can be difficult to distinguish the features and benefits between them.

Here is a list of the major categories and needs that golf mobile apps attempt to fill:

GPS Apps – calculate yardage to specific targets around the golf course.

Instructional Apps – provide everything from golf lesions, quick tips and practice drills in various formats including text, graphics and videos.

Swing Analysis Apps – allow users to videotape golf swing as they play or practice to hone in on challenge areas.

Scorecard Apps – allow users to keep score and upload statistics.

Scheduling Apps – allows users to book tee times, find courses and locate practice facilities

Gaming Apps – arcade style games based on popular golf video games (e.g., Tiger Woods Golf)

Rules – provide quick access to the rules of golf

Golf Informational Apps – provide updates and news related to golf.

So, which of these golf mobile apps categories are the most popular? Golf GPS apps are highly popular because they are much cheaper than traditional GPS devices/range finders and often provide solid graphics and features. In addition, since many golfers have their mobile phone with them as they play, Golf GPS apps are convenient and negate the need to have separate GPS products or hardware. However, one drawback with Golf GPS apps is that they often require mobile phone connectivity to download a particular course and to update yardage statistics. So, if you are on a course without access to your carrier, you are out of luck.  To explore the more and find out all the things by visiting at SwingU, Golf GPS APP. 

The second most popular golf mobile apps are instructional apps that provide golf tips and advice that you can take with you to the course and the range. In many ways, these golf applications are like having a PGA pro with you as you actually play or practice the game.

The third most popular apps are the golf swing analysis apps which take advantage of the video recording capabilities of smartphones and allow users to videotape and analyze their swing at a great price.

So, take a look at the various apps out there and give them a try. They are fun to dabble with and are sure to help your game.

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