UFC star Conor McGregor is facing felony charges for strong-armed robbery after he allegedly smashed a fan’s phone and walked off with it.  The incident went down outside of LIV nightclub in the early morning hours on Monday.

Via Miami Herald:

McGregor, 30, was charged with felony strong-armed robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief, according to Miami Beach police.

According to an arrest report, McGregor and the fan were walking out of the resort, home to the legendary LIV nightclub, just past 5 a.m. When the fan tried taking a photo with his cell, McGregor “slapped” the phone out of his hand, then stomped on it several times, the report said.

Come on, Conor.  Save the aggression for the your opponent’s in the octagon.  You can’t keep getting yourself in trouble like this.  Hire someone to handle your light work.

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