Khabib’s manager Abdelaziz posted a scathing rebuttal this week to a lengthy post offered by McGregor of his loss earlier in the month to Nurmagomedov for the UFC’s lightweight crown, when he tapped out in the fourth round. 

Telling McGregor, “Go open a liquor store,” Abdelaziz called him a “weak soul” who got dominated during the fight, gave up too easily and should “focus on selling alcohol.”  

 Abdelaziz didn’t quite recall the fight the same way. Saying that McGregor “and his sorry a– team” were “already making some stupid a– excuses,” the Egypt-born manager, whose company has dozens of MMA fighters as clients, said Nurmagomedov made his foe look like “a little child” who got “smashed in front of [his] whole family and crew” in the first two rounds.  

 Abdelaziz told him out right. 

Hopefully they’ll fight down the road. In the meantime we’ll have to see them exchanges punches on Social Media.