Looks like Conan O’Brien better start hitting the weights. 

TMZ Sports recently caught up with O’Brien as he was leaving UCLA, and the comedian joked about giving McGregor his minority share in the UFC.

Conor making so much noise about wanting an ownership stake in the company, we asked Conan if he would follow Mark Wahlberg‘s lead and offer to sell Conor a piece of his share. 

“I will fight him for his [share],” Conan joked … “If he can take me in the Octagon!”

O’Brien continued to tease … saying he’d have to look at the paperwork before making any serious deal with Conor. 

Look, he’s obviously joking the whole way through — but Conor wasn’t kidding when he demanded ownership. 

 McGregor shot back today, and said:

 “Challenge accepted Conan! I’ll whoop you and Wahlberg in the same night. Double shares for the Double Champ!”

In all seriousness, Wahlberg versus McGregor would be a fight worth watching. 

Conan, not so much. 

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