Conor McGregor has said he wants to fight 50 Cent after the rapper made fun of the mixed martial artist in a series of Instagram posts.

The Irishman hit out at the ‘Candy shop’ singer, who he thought he had become friends with following the promotion for the Mayweather fight last year, because of a set of memes which mocked him.

In one of the posts, Fiddy superimposed the Notorious’s head onto the body of Britney Spears in a photo of her during the infamous umbrella attack.

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The caption read: “Is that you Britney. LOL.”

Now, never one to take this kind of thing lying down, McGregor went in on his former ally and called him out.

Explaining the story behind their beef, McGregor said: “I’d have to probably say 50 Cent, I’d like to fight him.

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