Conor McGregor posted on social media this week that he agreed to make a potentially history-making return to the UFC last month. He also bragged about his wealth. 

The former featherweight and lightweight champion, who hasn’t fought in MMA since winning the 155-pound belt in November 2016, took to Instagram to celebrate his placement at No. 4 on the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid athletes for 2017 and to add that he would have placed higher with an “agreed May 12th bout in Rio de Janeiro” before “something came up.”

The “something” that came up and put pause on McGregor’s return was the April bus attack that took place during a UFC 223 media day event in Brooklyn.  Conor also made some other posts this week, talking about belts, and something about not finishing in fourth place. 

Conor is slowly morphing into Floyd Mayweather. No one likes a braggart. The big question is, when is his next fight? That’s all anyone cares about. Get back in that fooking Octagon already.