Everyone is talking about Conor McGregor’s bank account, rather than who he’ll fight next. Or is this just a ploy to set up his next fight? We posted about it below:  

Now According to Yahoo Sports, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager is still claiming, McGregor is having money issues.  

When Yahoo Sports contacted Abdelaziz, he doubled down on his claims and pointed out that former boxing heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield went bankrupt despite making far more than McGregor has to this point.

“It’s not [expletive], it’s true,” Abdelaziz said of his claim that McGregor is running out of money. “I talked to someone who told me, he flies that private plane around everywhere and it costs $200,000 just to start that thing up. And he made that hundred million against Floyd, but he didn’t get all that. After the taxes and he paid everybody, it was $50 million, or a little less.

“I have respect for him. He’s a two-division champion and he did something no one else did. He’s a good fighter. But I’m telling you the truth. It’s no surprise.”

White told Yahoo Sports by text message that McGregor has plenty of money.

“Forget the Floyd fight,” White said. “Conor had a s—load of money before that fight.”

If this rumor helps get McGregor back in the Octagon that much sooner, I’m all for it. WE need to see him fight, that’s what he does best, and trash talk of course.