Via Deadspin:

“I think during [the 2018 season] there’s no question that you saw many more fines and warning letters than you did flags,” McKay told Deadspin’s Dom Cosentino. “I think this year you’ll see enforcement increase because I think the officials are more comfortable now [with] what they’re looking for. I think that they’ve been in a position where, at the end of the play, they didn’t necessarily look at that portion of the play—they were looking for the football, they were looking for other things. It’s interesting when you talk to them how they feel more confident now that they understand what they need to look for.”

The rule caused confusion for players and coaches, drawing pushback before the first preseason game and prompting the NFL to release a fact sheet clarifying what does and does not constitute a legal tackle in regard to using the helmet.

“It’s ridiculous,” San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman told USA Today last year. “They’ll see how ridiculous it is, once they make the refs call it. It’s going to be worse than holding, worse than the catch rule. On a good form tackle, guys will lead with their shoulder pads, but you bring your head.”

Definitely a tough call to make in real time: 


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