Foul or good no-call?

The Warriors won Game 1 against the Rockets on Sunday 104-100.  The close game didn’t end without a little bit of controversy.

In the final seconds of the game a controversial no-call helped to decide the game.  James Harden pulled up for a three pointer on Draymond Green and appeared to get fouled as he came down.

The whistle wasn’t blown, the Warriors came away with the rebound and eventually the game.

This is clearly a foul, even with Harden kicking his feet out.  Green went forward after the shot was released.  That’s a foul.

But I love the no-call.  This is what Harden gets for falling to the floor on every shot.  If you get fouled on every shot, you don’t get fouled on any shots. 

I hate that it probably cost the Rockets the game, because I want the Warriors to lose, but Harden has to learn that flopping is for soccer.

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