The most neglected part of almost everyone’s game is the putt. Think about it. You’re likely to spend up to half your shots on the green, compared to one shot per hole from the tee, but which one do you practice the most? Everyone loves the driver. 

Center shafted putters were super popular in the 60s and 70s, but dropped off when heel shafted putters entered the market. Right now, only about 10% of PGA professionals use a center-shaft putter, but they’re coming back into vogue, like with Adam Scott’s 2013 Master’s win, because there are some huge benefits to a center-shaft that you can’t get from any other style of putter. 

If you’re looking for ways to improve your game in golf, consider switching to a center-shafted putter. This club is a great investment because it can become your tool to improve your skills in golf and build a reputation from playing the sport. 

To paint a clearer picture on how beneficial switching to a center-shifted putter is, listed below are reasons why this club can improve your game:

Ease of use

The ease of use is probably the biggest reason to pick up a center-shaft putter. A lot of golf pros claim that center shafted putters are much easier to use, especially for people newer to the game.  

This is because this style of putter has much easier alignment and better face balance, so you’re going to have a more stable stroke with much less effort to move the club head to the line. If you struggle with push putts this is a particularly big help , because it gives you more control over the club head so you’re less likely to overshoot.  

You’ll also find a lot of center-shaft putters with an offset shaft. This puts your hands in front of the ball which can feel a whole lot more natural and helps to automatically square you up as you swing because you’re basically dragging the club behind your arms.  

Along with these clubs, a center-shafted putter is one of the best clubs to invest in because it’s very easy to use—perfect when you’re still learning golf. 

Better comfort 

The comfort you’ll feel whenever you hold your club is important because it significantly affects your performance when playing. And if you’re looking for a club that feels very comfortable, then using a center-shafted putter is one of the best options. 

A center-shafted putter provides better comfort when held, allowing you to aim better, start the putt on the intended line, and roll the ball properly with the right speed. These elements will surely improve your statistics when playing golf!

Simple to line up

A center-shaft puts you directly over the center of the club head. Unlike heel shafted putters, the best center shafted putters are basically point and shoot, because your hands, shoulders and head are all in line with the shaft and center of the club face. 

This can help square up the sightlines and line up a shot, especially if you have a straight back and a clean through stroke. 


As part of the design, all center-shafted clubs are face balanced. What this means is when you balance the putter, the face turns upwards and outwards, whereas if you balance a heel shafted putter, the weight causes the toe of the club head to turn away.

This might not sound like a big deal, but the same thing happens during your stroke. If you’re slightly unbalanced with a heel shafted putter, the weight balance can twist the head of the club, and a misalignment of even a degree or two can lead to the dreaded slice.

With a center-shafted putter, its balanced weight that’s loaded towards the face of the club is more likely to stay facing forwards in the direction of the swing, keeping your club on target.   A balanced club will make it easier for you to control your swing and ensure accuracy of your shots. 

Should you use a center-shaft putter?

According to the pros, there are two types of putting stroke. Pendulum and arc. A pendulum style putter stands with a straight back and barely moves anything except their shoulders, so the club head swings cleanly back and forward through a straight line. Some who putts in an arc has a lot more movement, with the head describing much more of a curve. 

Because they’re easier to align and more stable through the swing, every player could see big benefits from picking up a center-shaft putter. 

But if you naturally swings with a straight backed, pendulum-style putting stroke you definitely need to consider picking up a putter like this. The natural stance that keeps your eyes directly over the ball and squares you up throughout the whole of the stroke could have a major impact on your short game and might easily cut 4 or 5 strokes from your scorecard.

In Conclusion 

Switching to a center-shafted putter comes with many benefits, but if this is your first time in using this kind of club, you should take the time to practice your swing when using it. In fact, you should be patient when using a center-shafted putter because it will require adjustment from you, regardless of whether you have been playing golf for years or not.