Corona Virus has hit us all up like a wave. A wave that drew us all inside our homes and locked us up like animals in a zoo. Question is how can it be different from any other incurable diseases such as HIV or cancer? The answer is simply that coronavirus is a highly contagious virus that can go from one person to another person with the process of mere breathing. It goes from one host to another with the help of air or by surfaces. By air it travels via coughs, breathing, sneezes. If it is left on a particular surface it stays there alive for a few hours waiting for prey. Frankly it is no different from a hunter waiting to grab the prey one way or another. It is our silent enemy that is wandering on the streets being invisible. No number of bullets or bombs can kill it. It is a biological disaster that can only be stopped by a vaccine.

The disease enters the body of human beings via a nasal cavity or mouth and travels to the lungs. It then infects the lungs. The patient might feel breathing difficulty along with severe coughing. An extreme case scenario can cause multiple organ failure to even death. This disease that is highly contagious and has no cure has taken the world in a band of fear.

The only way to avoid getting the virus is via social distancing, being isolated, and wear facemasks. Everything has closed down due to this disaster. Agriculture, business, entertainment, and even education are affected by fatal disease fear. Hundreds of people have died suddenly while millions are infected. The disease has traveled aggressively to every corner of the world in a very short period of time. It has spared no one. From little babies to old people everyone is under its influence.

Many countries are watching their economy graph fall rapidly. Even the most developed nations are looking forward to donations to fight this pandemic and save their population.

Current Situation

As time has passed people are molding their ways and are getting used to living with this disease as its vaccine is nowhere near to production. Educational activities along with business activities have started virtually.

People have started to go out but with proper precautionary measures such as masks, social distancing, and sanitizers. Many people have recovered and unfortunately many are lost. A number of people who are infected are practicing self-quarantine as well. Almost all of the countries have introduced lockdown or curfew. People are not allowed to go outside like routine work or interact with each other.

Hard-rock Stadium Or Drive-in Movie Theater

The hard-rock stadium is said to be changed into a drive-thru theater to practice isolation. People need to be away from each other and there is no better way to do so and keep the entertainment going than a drive-in theater. The announcement has said that they will play dolphin content, films, and ceremonies. The drive-in is according to the social distancing policies and is for the best of everyone.

This can be quite an effective way for dolphins to host their match even amid the COVID-19 crisis.

It is their role in fighting against coronavirus. In this hour of need every person should fight the virus on an individual level by staying away from the streets. Keeping social distances, spreading awareness, and donating to those in need.

Spread awareness via little tools such as lanyards. Utilize custom lanyards or printed lanyards to spread the message among people. is best known for such items. The products they provide are affordable with a rush delivery guarantee. They also provide wristbands and badge reels, which can also be used to spread the message among people. This is an affordable product that can be used purposefully, and it can spread the message among people.

As the disease does not have any cure and natural immunity is our best chance to fight it. It is recommended to keep healthy and boost immunity as much as one can. 

One can boost immunity easily via the following ways:

  •       Increased stress can decline the immune system performance. It is recommended to reduce stress so that the immunity keeps at its normal pace.
  •       Many among us go about our normal routine and are exhausted most of the time. It is time too break the habit and go to bed whenever tired.
  •         Use vitamin B, C, and D. Vitamins can play an important role in boosting the performance of the immune system.
  •         Moving the muscles regularly and exercising can also increase immunity.
  •       Try to stay away from chlorinated drinking water, air pollutants, mold, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. They are toxins that can decrease immune functioning. (Davis, 2020)