Chris Paul has defended Carmelo Anthony and his addition to the Houston Rockets this season, saying Friday his good friend and 10-time All-Star has been a target of unwarranted criticism.

CP3 hopes Melo will help them get to the next level, because after winning 65 games last season, it’s championship or bust this year. 

“I think we just hoop,” Paul said. “I think that’s been the cool thing about bringing in different players that have played in different systems. Hell, me last year. I came into a different situation. I had seen it. Coach [Mike D’Antoni] had talked about it. But it’s a different thing to play within the system. 

“With Melo, we just hoop, you know what I mean? If you’re open you shoot it. If not, you pass it, you dribble — it’s a fun way to play basketball.”

Anthony signed with the Rockets in August after a trade to the Atlanta Hawks and subsequent contract buyout.

“Carmelo’s an extremely talented player; he’s a Hall of Fame player,” Rockets general manager Daryl Morey told The Jump. “And our coaching staff, and Chris and James [Harden] and them all working together — he’s going to have, I think, his best season he’s had in a long time.”

No one doubts Melo’s talent, he’s a true scorer. It’s the other things he brings to the table, which isn’t much. His on the court tangibles are non existent. 

How will it all work? 

Carmelo needs to accept his role, and just try not to make waves. We’ll see how long that lasts.