Cricket is not new to India; neither is betting on it. Both have been around for a very long time. There is no evidence to say that the early matches did not have bets placed on them. It is human nature to go with their gut feeling and express whether or not some event will take place. It does not apply just to Cricket but so many things in life. Sometimes, you feel that you are going to miss a bus and you exclaim, “I bet I’m going to miss the bus today!” It just comes naturally. Wagering something on this bet is where gambling comes in. When there is something at stake, you want the event to happen with an outcome in your favour.


The Ups and Downs of Cricket Gambling


Gambling in Cricket has, in the past, led to unfair practices to make money while putting sportsmanship at stake. It is not acceptable and was criticised by one and all. For some time, the betting activities slowed down. Now, betting is back with a bang and is accessible by everyone with a phone and an internet connection.


Online Betting in Cricket


The cricket fans now have the capability of placing online bets on as many matches as they want, whenever they want and from wherever they want. It has been made possible through the numerous online casinos that feature cricket betting as well. These casinos have made it easy for casino lovers to access games other than cricket betting as well. Now they need not wait for an opportunity to visit a casino to play all these popular games.


Benefits of Betting Online


Of course, you can still bet the traditional way by visiting a bookie and placing the bet. You can set the bet over a phone call, but using the online casinos for the same has many advantages.


  • Be Comfortable


You can bet from the comfort of your home without the need to go out in the traffic and face the varying weather conditions as well. Your location does not restrict your wagers as they can be placed from anywhere. You can sit cosily in your home, put the bet and enjoy the game unfold in front of you on the TV screen. You could place the bet seated in the stadium or when you are on your way to these. It is all for your convenience; enjoy it!


  • Take Advantage of Time


Many factors affect the game, including the teams, players, the condition of the ground, pitch, audience and the location of the stadium. A small change is capable of reversing your prediction. Hence, you can use all the time you have to research the game till the last minute and then place the bet.


  • Play for Free 


It is possible through the various bonus offers that these websites keep coming up with for their registered members. They can claim offers and virtually play the games without spending any money of their own. The bonuses offered are of many kinds, and if you read the terms and conditions carefully, you can keep your deposited money untouched and win hefty amounts using just the bonuses.


  • Play Safe


If your chosen website is trusted and established, it will never try to cheat you of the money that you deposit and the payment that you win is all safe and sound. You can withdraw your winnings as per the rules of the website. Do make sure that you have read them before registering on the portal.




The summary of this post is primarily about the joy of betting on cricket games. If you want to bet on any cricket game, log in to a safe and secure website, place your bets and enjoy the game while waiting for the result. The only stress you should have is whether the teams will play in your favour or not. The rest of what you experience should be nothing but fun, joy, excitement, relaxation and pleasure. The online casinos are a business, but even for them, the customer is king. Trust them and let go of worries.