According to Portugal’s Flash magazine, Andressa Urach gave an interview five years ago to “Panic” telling intimate details of the deal she had with the world’s greatest soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, the CR7, Juventus player and Portugal national team.

Amid controversy over a rape case in the United States, Urach has once again surfaced in the news. She who is now evangelical and pastor. 

In her book, she revealed part of her past and even the ‘violent’ intimate moments with the player. However, it is good to clarify that everything that lived with him was consensual. 

She even revealed that she had anal sex with CR7 and ‘got all sore’. “When I left the private elevator, my heart was racing and I ran to the open door. It was him in person, Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Smiling, he invited me and we talked quickly about what was going to happen. He then grabbed me and we had an intense sexual relationship. Contrary to what I imagined, he was a very aggressive guy in bed. 

We spent less than an hour in the room, “reads the book. The problem is that, at the time, Cristiano Ronaldo was Irina’s boyfriend, a Russian model. With the revelations of the young Brazilian, coming to public, Urach ended up shaking the relationship.

Today, she apologizes to the couple for causing problems in their relationship but recalls that he was ‘brutal’ in bed. 

Ronaldo has everyone coming out of the woodwork.