Fans of CS: GO are keeping an eye on any potential event that may happen. Now that we are still living in a pandemic, things are unpredictable. Depending on how the pandemic progresses, things may change, and this can influence the CS: GO events that people are so eager to see. For instance, people may be very excited to go to and make bets for the PGL Major. Well, this tournament may happen in Sweden this time, thanks to a relaxation of the restriction. 

How Were the Restriction Relaxed?

Not long ago, Lena Hallengren, the Swedish Health Minister, announced that they would be lifting the public and private gatherings restrictions. This is one of their efforts to help curb the health crisis of the world. At the end of September, the gathering limits will be lifted. 

The teams that participate in the event were initially worried that they may not be able to get authorizations for all the members. But they can just enter Sweden with a negative test. The Major will take place in Stockholm. 

“Thanks to a successful vaccination campaign, we have come a long way in dealing with the pandemic,” said Lena Hallengren according to Tidningen Näringslivet. “Our starting point has always been that the restrictions should be lifted as soon as possible.”

Details about the Event

The PGL Major is one of the most awaited events of this year, especially after it was announced in January. There will be a prize pool of $2 million, as well as a lot of Tournament Circuit points. It is also possible for Sweden to remain the country the event takes place in thanks to the influence it had on the game, to begin with. If you think about it, the country provided the game with valuable players like Robin “flusha” Ronnquist and Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson. 

In the event, the teams will have to go through three stages based on how they qualified. Eight teams will be eliminated by the New Challengers Stage, and another eight by the New Legends Stage. Only eight teams will be left, after which the New Champions Stage will come with a single-elimination bracket. 

If you want to watch the event and support the teams, you will be able to do so from October 27 to November 7. Get ready to enjoy some quality professional CS: GO.