With the 19/20 Premier League Season drawn to a close now, it’s time for the summer break in which players and staff can rest up and begin to prepare for the forthcoming season; a season in which is due to be a cracker! However, the summer break is also a time when the transfer window opens, and clubs will be looking to secure their priority targets to improve their squad and to challenge on last season positioning. Today we look more in-depth at what transfer rumours are flying around this week.

Due to it now being the off season, punters have now had to find their weekly entertainment elsewhere due to live action coming to an end – although bets can be placed on players next permanent club this season e.g. Kai Havertz odds have shortened this week to join Chelsea to 1/20 due to Bayern 04 Leverkusen being knocked out of the Europa League by Inter Milan.  have now migrated from the gambling betting scene to online casinos such as https://thebestcasinos.co.uk/ who have seen number surge due to the season being over, as they previously had also through lockdown.

A rumour flying around at the moment is the golden boy from Brighton, Ben White who spent last season on loan at Championship Winners Leeds United who will be looking to resign the 22-year old for their first time back in the Premier League after 16 years of hurt. Leeds are favourite to sign White at 6/4 however as rumoured, they are facing some competition from the big boys in the league Liverpool and Chelsea who have confirmed their interest – 11/4 and 9/2 respectively, I believe White would be best going back to Elland Road to further his career there before taking the big jump to a top 4 club.

From one centre back to another, however on the other spectrum of price range which is Kalidou Koulibaly who Napoli value at around 90million – big money for a centre back similar to Virgil Van Dijk’s transfer but that turned out to be more than successful. The favourites to sign him, Manchester City at 13/8 will see the success that Liverpool have had out of Van Dijk and will look to mirror that with the signature of Koulibaly. However, rumour has it that their noisy neighbours United are also interested and are at 5/1.