Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry now sits just 16 3-pointers away from breaking Ray Allen’s career 3-point record after knocking down seven more treys in a 126-95 win over the Orlando Magic on Monday night.

When asked if he thought he could break the record of 2,973 during Wednesday’s home game against the Portland Trail Blazers, Curry smiled.

“Anything is possible,” he said.

Part of the reason the smile came so easily for the two-time MVP is because he knew what it would also entail — breaking teammate Klay Thompson’s single-game record of 14 3-pointers, which came in October 2018 and knocked off Curry’s previous record of 13.

“What is it, 15?” Curry said of tying Allen’s mark. “That’s funny because I know what that means is Klay’s record and all that, too. So we will see. … If you’ve seen the way I’ve played, especially recently, I’m not shy about shooting the ball, so the game will dictate what that looks like. I’m not coming out with that as the true goal of how I play, but crazier things have happened.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr also acknowledged he thought breaking the record is a possibility for Wednesday.

“I’m fully aware he’s 15 away,” Kerr said. “I’m guessing he’s going to shoot a lot against Portland on Wednesday. He’s Steph Curry — so anything’s possible.”

Curry’s teammates can feel the excitement as well.

“That’s going to be crazy,” Warriors swingman Andrew Wiggins said. “But who else to do it but Steph? He deserves it, all the hard work he put in. He’s one of the most influential basketball players of all time. Helped change the game. So no one deserves it more than him.”

Curry said he can remember the “dope moment” when Allen moved past Indiana Pacers great Reggie Miller on the all-time list and how the pair embraced as Miller called the game courtside for Turner Sports.

“I remember watching it on TV and just feeling the energy in there,” Curry said. “So I think any basketball fan will appreciate when it happens. … But I like the anticipation of being in the moment and just enjoying all that’s gone into it.”

While Curry was open about the fact he knows how close he is to the mark, he preferred to wait before putting the achievement into context and what it would mean to him.

“I’ll talk about it when it happens,” Curry said. “You’re going to make me cry up here, bro.”

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