The reason so many enduro MTB fans decide to customize their gear is that they wish to drive something more than just a bike. You must feel the same way, since you’re reading this article. Read it further, then, and learn what to think about when customizing your two wheel machine into a real-deal mate.

But first things first

Safety. No matter the circumstances, a great bike should be a safe bike. This is a concern of every manufacturer, including every custom bike builder who claims to be a professional. In fact, a company that neglects safety regulations mustn’t be trusted even with a simple tire replacement. Many dreadful accidents happen because somebody has done a pretty poor job while customizing a bike. That’s quite often in enduro MTB world, unfortunately.

That’s why you should be careful when choosing the right people for the job. Remember that all details need to be checked and re-checked before the final product can be sent to the customer. Professional Bike Builders will take care of that procedure.

What about them Evil Bikes…

That name resonates throughout the enduro MTB community with quite a thrill, because Evil Bikes provide not only the safest way downhill, but also an extremely comfortable way up. Technology used by Evil Bikes, parts and most detail oriented craftsmanship on the market – this is what makes them so reliable. But the main reason people around the world are drown to them is not just quality of their products and services, but also ability of creating personality. That’s right: Evil Bikes have their own personality.

Every enduro MTB enthusiast knows how important this factor really is. A bike can be perfectly safe, it can have all the best stuff in it, but without personality… it’s just another bike. Creating the relationship between a bike and its user is something that drives people to customize their machines. Good Bike Builders know it and they implement that into their work. Each service they provide is therefore dependent on individual needs of their clients. A company that doesn’t apply such philosophy is simply not worth the time, man. Not mentioning your money, off course.


So, there are three things you should think about before getting ready for your enduro bike customise session: safety, craftsmanship of the bike builders and personality they can pour into your bike’s wheels and bolts. If these three factors are in place, you will get a new best friend that will accompany you through every enduro MTB adventure imaginable.